Letter to Parents

Dear Parents:

A week at camp is an important investment in your child’s future. As parents we are responsible for the well-being of our children: physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. We need to be sure that our kids get an education, eat well, get plenty of exercise, learn to deal with and constructively express their feelings, and develop and mature spiritually.

The camp experience at Lutheran Hills, Lutherwald and Lake Luther addresses all these aspects of growing up and more. Here your child will learn and develop skills – crafts, water sports, the arts, social skills, decision making, living well with peers, and so on. Here they will eat good meals, get LOTS of exercise from sports, creek walks, hiking, and "getting from here to there." Here they will find their feelings respected and they will know that they are listened to and cared about. They will grow spiritually.

Today, "spirituality" is a popular notion. It’s often connected with the power of the ocean, the beauty of a sunset, the quiet of meditation, the solitude of the forest--experiences where one comes near to that "intangible"--something greater than themselves that fills them with a sense of meaning and wonder. That intangible something is the One who made the forests and sunsets and oceans and who fills silence with profound meaning. It is God.

To connect a child with God--to show a child that they can do more than capture fleeting moments of meaning and go on to experience a relationship with God in Christ, is to give a child a sense of place in the universe, a sense of meaning and value. It is to ground a person in a faith that provides the basis for character, personal conduct, positive relationships, and that may one day "get them through" a health crisis, disaster, tragedy, loss, and grief. It is a rock upon which to build a life.

As a parent you have many things to consider when it comes to spending your hard-earned dollars on your children. As a parent I have always felt that the dollars best spent were spent on things that matter for a lifetime.

At Lutherwald, Lutheran Hills and Lake Luther we are committed to excellence--doing our very best work for your very best child. And we are committed to a promise that no child will be excluded from the benefits and blessings of a week at camp for financial reasons.

Let us help you build a solid foundation of faith under your child’s life.

Steve Flynn, Executive Director
Lutheran Outdoor Ministries Indiana-Kentucky

Lake Luther

5215 N 450 W
Angola, IN 46703
(260) 667-7750

Lutheran Hills

6371 Bear Creek Rd.
Morgantown IN 46160
(812) 988-2519


2065 W. State Road 120
Howe, IN 46746
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