Retreats Info

Retreats Info

Lake Luther Cabins available mid May through mid October. Each cabin has a full size bed and sofa bed, kitchen table with 3 chairs, toilet, sink, mini refrigerator, microsave, coffee maker, ceiling fans and window A/C. Shower facilities right next door.

Lutherwald Kempski Retreat Center available year round, 12 rooms with bathrooms and 3 beds each, 2 large family rooms with fireplaces, 2 residential kitchens, and 3 deck spaces. Capable of hosting 50 people comfortably.

Lutheran Hills Bear Creek Village available year round, 3 new cottages each with 4 sleeping rooms, 7 beds/sleeps 9, living area, fireplace, residential kitchen.

Lutheran Hills Shedron Lodge available year round, 9 rooms, 15 beds, a residential kitchen, meeting space, fireplace and wrap around porch. Capable of hosting 17 people.

Lutheran Hills Rex House available year round 2 rooms, 4 beds (2 queens and a bunk bed), a residential kitchen, meeting space with fireplace and wrap around porch. Capable of hosting 6 people.

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