Summer Camp Programs

Summer Camp Programs

LOMIK camps offer resident camp experiences where relationships with God and one another are explored in one of our three sites. Camp Grows Faith: We believe that the outdoor setting of God's creation offers unique ways to grow in faith, hope, and independence. Camp Provides Connection: The natural setting is also the perfect place to unplug from technology and reconnect with God. Camp Changes Lives: Campers experience a wide variety of activities in small and large groups. Bible study, games, hiking, swimming, arts & crafts, worship, campfiress, and music all play a part in the exciting fun of a week at camp. REGISTER NOW FOR SUMMER!

2022 Classic Youth Camps (Green/Lake Luther, Red/Lutherwald, Blue/Lutheran Hills)

Super Pilgrims

Grade 1-3 (6 days)

2023 Info FlierA week-long experience offered for the more mature 1st, 2nd, and 3rd graders who are ready for a full camp week. Activities: Bible study, arts and crafts, singing, games, swimming and boating.


Grade 1-3 (4 days)

2023 Info FlierA great first camp experience for those entering grades 1-3. The shortened week provides four busy days of general camp activities geared towards a young age group. Smaller groups allow for extra individual attention. Activities: Bible study, arts and crafts, singing, games, and swimming.


Grade 4-6 (6 days)

2023 Info FlierA lively week packed with activities for upper elementary youth entering grades 4-6. Activities: Bible study, hiking, swimming, arts and crafts, singing, campfire programs, small group and all camp games.


Grade 7-9 (6 days)

2023 Info FlierA week geared for young teens entering grades 7-9, involving more advanced activities and more individual choice than for younger campers. Activities included: Bible study, canoe/hiking trips, swimming, a cookout/camp out, campfire programs, and special evening activities.

2022 Specialty Camps (Green/Lake Luther, Red/Lutherwald, Blue/Lutheran Hills)

Reading Camp

Grade 3-6 (6 days)

2023 Info FlierEntering grades 3-6. A free camp experience with a focus on improving reading skills. Mornings are set aside for small group learning led by volunteer teachers. The rest of the day is filled with fun camp activities. Teacher referral and test scores are requested prior to camp.

Confirmation Camp

Grade 6-9 (6 days)

2023 Info FlierEntering grades 6-9, A week that combines 2 hours of study each day with your pastor and confirmation class plus all of the fun camp activities: hiking, arts and crafts, games, music, swimming, canoeing, kayaking, and campfire programs. Confirmation campers register as a group, coordinated by your local congregation. Check with your pastor for details.

Hiking & Caving Adventure

Grade 7-9 (6 days)

2023 Info FlierEntering grades 7-11. Hiking on the Tecumseh Trail and caving in southern Indiana. Participants should bring a backpack. This program is not designed as a serious athletic challenge. The focus is fun!

Trailblazers Servant

Grade 7-9 (6 days)

2023 Info FlierAlong with the usual great camp activities, campers will take part in daily servant projects with their counselors, both on and off the Lake Luther site.

Sr High Ped-Pad

Grade 9-12 (6 days)

2023 Info FlierEntering grades 9-12. Join us for a canoe, bicycle, and tenting adventure around and between our 2 northern camps. Beginning and ending at Lake Luther. Participants will need a good multi-speed bike and helmet. This program is not designed as a serious athletic challenge. The focus is fun!

Outdoor Adventure Camp

Grade 9-12 (6 days)

2023 Info Flier(Entering grades 9-12) A Sr. High opportunity designed to let campers Experience a wide variety of different outdoor Activities in a bit more depth than our regular Camp events. Boating, hiking, camping, Cooking, climbing: all give campers a chance to tests their limits and gain new experiences in the midst of God’s creation.

Red River Gorge Adventure (offsite)

Grade 9-12 (6 days)

2023 Info Flier(Entering grades 9-12) Similar to our regular hiking/caving adventure, but designed for our older campers as the experience is nearly all conducted off-site (in the Red River Gorge area of Kentucky). Some activities may be done at heights such as climbing or zip-lining. No prior experience is necessary.

Servant Leaders Camp

Grade 10-12 (6 days)

2023 Info FlierEntering grades 10-12. Here is a new twist on an old favorite for our older campers. Blending servant opportunities around camp with leadership training we aim to help equip youth to become leaders with a servant focus. In addition to having lots of fun our staff will lead campers through team building activities, learning sessions, service projects, and opportunities to put their leadership training into action.

Grandparent Wk

Adult (4 days)

2023 Info FlierAdults with their pilgrim campers. A four-day camp week (from 3:00 pm Tuesday afternoon to late morning Friday), The kids stay in cabins and are supervised by our college-aged staff. Adults stay in modern, comfortable retreat facilities and are a background presence with no responsibilities. Adults may join in the camp meals, activities, and campfires and take time to relax and enjoy nature on their own.


Grade (6 days)

2023 Info FlierFestival of Arts and Music for Elementary (FAME) camp is the only week-long overnight fine arts camp for talented artistic students ages 8-16 in northern Indiana. This week-long residential arts camp present the FAME cultural focus on art, music, dance, and drama led by an outstanding faculty of arts educators. The program offers an opportunity for artistic students to further their current artistic study and to participate in an artist youth community. FAME classes of voice, instrumental, musical theater, visual arts, drama, dance, literature, and storytelling are interspersed with camp activities including swimming, archery, canoeing, horseback riding, mud hiking, and more. Nightly talent sharing provides ample opportunities for performance, fun, and camaraderie.

Luther Road Information

Luther Road

LUTHER ROAD is a “summer camp program on wheels” where the benefits of camp at Lutheran Hills, Lutherwald and Lake Luther come to your church. Activities include worship, games, Bible stories, arts & crafts and games. It is designed for up to 50 youth entering grades 1-6 and the program runs at your church from Sunday evening through Friday noon

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