Volunteer at Camp

Volunteer at Camp

Share your gifts at camp

You Make a Difference with Your Gifts of Talent and Time

You can put your gifts to work! Projects of all kinds and skill levels such as service days, Thrivent Action Teams and volunteering during summer camp are available.

Get involved today!

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Volunteer Application

Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer at Service Days

You will be onsite at one of the three LOMIK Camps locations for Spring and Fall Service Days. Visit the home page calendar for upcoming events.

You can also customize a service experience for yourself, your family, friends, youth group, coworkers, clubs, Bible study groups, or congregation. Begin by having a conversation with one of our onsite coordinators.

Lead a Thrivent Action Team

If you are a Thrivent member we will help you organize a group of volunteers to help with a service project at camp. We will host your group and provide meals and housing. Thrivent will provide your team with T-shirts and a $250 gift card to purchase supplies for your service project.

For more information go to https://www.thrivent.com/about-us/membership/thrivent-action-teams

Follow the steps outlined on this link https://lomikdocs.com/docs/2023_ALL_How_to_do_a_Thrivent_Action_Team_Project_553.pdf.

Thrivent members may also use their Thrivent Choice Dollars to support camp. For more information go to https://www.thrivent.com/about-us/membership/thrivent-choice

Volunteer at Summer Camp

You can impact and mentor youth leadership skills, faith development, and reading skills at Summer Camp. Volunteer positions for adults, high school and college age individuals include:

  • Teachers for Reading Camp
  • Nurses
  • Project Leaders
  • Camp Chaplains

LOMIK Camps need volunteers during the summer camp season at all three sites to work with the campers and our staff. We need teachers, nurses, project leaders and camp chaplains as well as high school and college-aged “cadets” that are interested in elementary or secondary education. Reading Camp “Cadets” work with a teacher partner for 3 hours each morning and interact with campers throughout the day in general camp activities.

If you have questions specific to Reading Camp, call Cleo Swager at 260-755-5227 (land line).

To volunteer a nurse, teacher, cadet, camp chaplain or adult helper for a week at camp, apply here and email your application to Chris at info@lomik.org

Volunteer Application