Work at Camp

Work at Camp

Why serve at LOMIK Camps?

  • Camp Builds Faith: Spend a summer out in nature and challenge yourself to develop new skills! Camp is a great place to refocus and ground yourself through relationships with others and the God who created us.
  • Camp Prepares Leaders: Gain valuable leadership experience and enrich your resume with a beneficial relevant skillset.
  • Camp Provides Connections: Build lasting meaningful friendships and get connected with the larger LOMIK community.
  • Camp Changes Lives: Help foster meaningful experiences for youth and young adults through connections with God, themselves, others and nature thereby making a difference in their lives.
Frequently Asked Questions

Staff FAQ

Employment Application

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Positions available for Summer Staff

There are many roles that need to be filled each summer. Most of the staff hired are expected to attend 2 weeks of staff training and serve 8 weeks of youth camp as a counselor. Other jobs available are kitchen and maintenance support staff and assisting with other needs for the week. There will be opportunities to discuss preferences during the interview.

First Aid/CPR/AED and Lifeguard Training provided at no charge is available as scheduled.

In addition to the counselling staff, a small team of typically returning staff will be selected for leadership roles and will help to support the work of the counseling staff as well as help manage all of the "behind the scenes" logistical details that need tending in order for each day at camp to run smoothly

We are looking for 40-45 young adults who want to spend the summer serving Christ at LOMIK Camps. For more information on joining our team (link to staff inquiry here)

Benefits and Pay

he rewards of working at camp are more than the money but we know that college (or other endeavors) require financial resources. LOMIK camps provide housing, food and a bi monthly check. Health insurance is not available through camp, other than worker’s compensation.

Staff Incentives

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